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Monday, September 12, 2011

Difficult Situations

A good test of one's real strengths is how he or she handles difficult situations. And difficult situations can arise in various ways.

Here is a list of some difficult situations that one must learn how to handle:
  • One misses the train or a flight
  • One looses the original copies of some important documents
  • One meets with an accident on the road
  • One is diagnosed with life threatening disease
  • One is fired from the job
  • One looses a close family member or an acquaintance
  • One is passed over for promotion
  • One is given a low performance rating
  • One is criticized in full public view
  • One is challenged by someone else wrongly or mistakenly
  • One gets into a heated argument or unhealthy exchange of words

Baba Prakash Puri Mandir in Gurgaon

If one were to imagine a temple as not just a place of worship but a place to relax and clam down one's mental faculties then the Baba Prakash Puri Mandir in Gurgaon is probably a temple one must definitely visit.

The best part is the peace, tranquility and closeness to nature that one can experience in this temple. Baba Prakash Puri Mandir also serves as an "Ashram".

Reaching Baba Prakash Puri Mandir

This temple is located off the Chauma Road in the Rajendra Park area of Gurgaon.

This area is close to the New Palam Vihar area on one side of the Delhi Gurgaon railway line opposite to the Palam Vihar area.

There is a village with the name Alwardi Sarai close to this temple.

Some Quick Facts about Baba Prakash Puri Mandir

The Baba Prakash Puri Mandir being an "Ashram" as well is also a staying place for Sadhus and one can find many of them inside the Mandir complex at any time.

The Mandir is lush green with many trees (Neem, etc.). There are many birds as well (Peacocks, Parrots, etc.).

Not only that, there is ample parking space both within the main temple area and outside the imposing temple gate.

Major Attraction - the Ancient Shiva Temple

A major attraction is a Shiva temple which is supposed to have been there since the time of Pandavas.

For those of you who have some idea about Gurgaon's history will probably know that Gurgaon was called as "Guru Gram" earlier and is the place in the Hindu epic Mahabharata where Guru Dronocharya's ashram was situated.

The Pandavas and Kauravas were trained by Guru Dronocharya in "Guru Gram", or the Gurgaon of today.

Special Prasad

The devotees who come here offer all kinds of eatables in the name of God and Baba Prakash Puri Ji.

One interesting fact about this temple is that tea (apparently prepared using the milk from cows that are reared in the temple complex) is offered to the devotees as prasad.

Some Photographs of Baba Prakash Puri Ashram in Gurugram (earlier Gurgaon)

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