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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Key Pillars for Happy Relationships in Life - Concern, Connection, Camaraderie and Candor

Having happy relationships in life is supposedly a key factor that significantly influences whether your life will be long and good or not.

So how can you ensure that your relationships with others are truly happy and deeply fulfilling?

There are 4 Cs that go into making a relationship happy and vibrant.


This simply means being worried about other's challenges and providing your physical and emotional support as and when needed.

It also means doing things to take care of other's rightful expectations from you.

Concern is not just caring for physical needs of a person but his mental and spiritual needs too.

Looking after other's interests and likes and taking care of them in most situations is important for the relationship to survive, especially during the bad times.


This simply means being able to operate at a wavelength and frequency that is similar to the other person.

Connection becomes a binding agent that keeps you close to the other person.

It is said that familiarity breeds contempt, but if the connection with someone is truly genuine, familiarity will make the bond stronger.

What makes it possible for a person to like another person despite deep awareness of that person's weaknesses, pitfalls and "not so good" traits is a genuine bonding with that person.

Also, no one is perfect. Neither that person. And nor you!


This simply means enjoying each other's company and complementing each other in an overall sense.

No two individuals can think alike but if their thinking patterns are totally disjoint and disconnected there is no hope for camaraderie to even exist forget about it thriving.

Camaraderie gives a sense of purpose to your relationships with others.


This simply means being open, honest and frank with the other person.

Candor doesn't mean you can say anything that comes to your mind.

What candor means is you will say things when it would genuinely help the other person.

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