Monday, March 20, 2017

Why are You Not Happy and Content with Your Life?

It is very important to know and also understand how things are going in your life at a given point in time.

Clearly knowing and articulating what's going on is a very liberating exercise.

Of course, understanding why you are not happy and content with your life doesn't mean the issues will get resolved.

It will only make you feel better about your ability to handle them in a positive way. Or rather your ability to handle yourself in a positive way!

You can change yourself to a great extent but the situations to only a limited extent.

So why are you not happy and content with your life?

Your career is not going anywhere.

The company you work with is a lala company where merit and competence has no value.

The only thing that matters is loyalty to the top man.

The person you have been forced to report into doesn't even know how to spell the word "merit".

He is a double-timing, scheming manipulator whose only qualification is his blind loyalty to the top man.

This man is no better than an ass with a stinky hole.

This man spends his energy in playing games behind your back and in performing acts and saying words just to disparage you.

You have merit and competency. You lack loyalty and that's your undoing.

Yes sir, you are literally forced to report into a "yes sir stooge".

And of course, there will be some more of his ilk. As expected, there will be some more stooges when you work in such an organization.

Either you find another job to move on to or suffer the agony seeing the stooges and the top man do all kinds of non-sense.

Remember, stay calm and positive till the time you have to bear the agony.

You marriage is not going anywhere.

This can be very painful.

And if this happens along with the challenges you have on the career front the agony gets compounded multiple times.

Your wife is not emotionally mature to realize the value of marriage.

Her own wishes are the only things that matter to her. Your wishes can go down the drain.

You constantly crave for caring touch, physical proximity and yes sex too. She is frigid and toxic.

She takes your advances and initiatives to get closer, both physically and emotionally, as if she is doing an obligation to you.

She would say, "what's so big deal about it?".

And your simple answer to that is, "what's not so big deal about it?.

If your desire to have sex has no value for her then that's a big problem.

She has all the excuses.

She has headache, is tired, is not in the mood, is angry, is not interested, is not excited, is not getting wet in her vagina, has periods, has pain and many more reasons.

It is only she and her issues. You are not relevant. Basically she tells you just on thing - just get lost!

In addition to above, when you want sex she will tell you many funny things like:
  • Is that the only thing that is there?
  • You only want one thing from me?
  • Am I a toy or a plaything?
  • How can I let you come near me?
A good marriage rests on three key pillars - physical, mental and spiritual alignment. If one or more are missing then your marriage has no meaning.

In fact, even to be good friends, the above is a sine-qua-non.

The relation between a man and his wife is different from the relation between a man and any other woman in just one way - physical intimacy and closeness.

If the above is missing, then something is really and seriously wrong between you.

Ideally speaking, in a good relation, a man should not have physical relation with any other woman other than his own wife.

When your wife doesn't understand the above, it can be difficult for you.

When your wife stares blankly into nothingness and ignores you when you reach home from the office after a painful drive back home it can be a very sad situation.

If your wife is a woman who has no concern regarding your well-being and in fact is happy to see harm come your way, then you have had it.

So if your wife does all kinds of non-sense to make you feel as if you are not wanted by her, you are not important for her, and your needs to get intimate are not valid you would feel the pain.

In addition, if your wife doesn't have intimate talks with you, about your needs, desires, concerns and anxieties and about your lives together something is really seriously wrong.

Such a relation is actually walking on crippled legs and will not walk any smoothly and very far.

One of the choices you have is to either go with a divorce which is not a good idea especially if you have kids.

The other choice is to become detached from your wife. Just imaging that's its over (it actually is already over, so this is more of a realization that its over) and don't waste your energy on her.

It is okay to not have a fulfilled marital life. And that is so because whatever it is, in the long run nothing really matters since in the long run all of us are inevitably dead!

So take philosophical solace in your impending death, which may still be far away but which is slowly progressing nearer you every month.

Your wife doesn't deserve your best if she doesn't give her best. Period.

And don't think marrying another woman will fix that. Maybe there are issues with you. You never know.

Having a good wife is a great thing. Not having a good wife means a part of your life has got crippled.

Your health is going somewhere but your age is going the other way.

Remember this, you will be dead one day. Maybe tomorrow.

What are the ways to die?
  • You become too old
  • You meet with an accident
  • You are killed by someone
  • You become terminally sick with disease
In any case, your health will start depleting and degenerating as you start aging.

You may have acute myopia.

You may have pain in you left knee area.

Your tongue may have cuts.

You may occasionally have had pain and sensation in your left shoulder.

The middle bone of your nose is bent one way.

You occasionally feel a burning sensation around the heart and chest area.

You have issues with your digestive system.

You occasionally get a throbbing pain in your right temple area.

You burp a lot at times.

And so on and on and on.

The key thing is, health is a blessing if you have it in a good shape and it is a curse if it is not in a good  shape.

So you would want to take extreme care of your health.

Maybe the sights and sounds that you experience when you visit a hospital bothers you very much.

You are distressed and moved when you see a very old, frail person who is probably knocking on death's door.

You get reminded of the fact that you will be that person one day!

You are worried about becoming blind when you become old due to acute myopia.

You are also worried about the above impacting other members of your family, especially your son.

You think it is so unfair that you have to spend a lot of money for getting spectacles made for you and your family.

You also hate when you have to spend money on buying medicines for your daughter. And especially so since she doesn't seem to care about the importance of a healthy diet.

Like the above, there may be several other things that may be the reason why you are not happy and content with your life.

So why you are not happy and content with your life?

You should know. That would help.

And even if it doesn't it is a very liberating exercise.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Why You Should Not Let Your Blood Boil Seeing the Top Man Led Comical Club of Coterie in a Company, Though Boil It Certainly Will

Top man led coterie-infested organizations are an interesting subject for anyone studying about corporate culture.

What are the typical characteristics of such companies:
  • They are typically small to medium-sized with the level of professionalism being on the lowest side of the scale.
  • They have a group of specific individuals or a family as the owner, promoter and majority shareholder.
  • The desire of the top people is no less than a diktat in such organizations. And the top people are not connected with the ground realities.
  • The conversations in such organizations typify the lack of empowerment. They usually go like this, "VXY has asked this to be done" (where VXY is the top man or one of the members of the coterie).
  • Those in the coterie are neither competent nor ethical. They are where they are because of one and only one reason - blind loyalty to the top man. Those in the coterie are essentially a pack of "yes sir dogs" of their owner!
Being in such an organization will make your blood boil.

No doubt about it. That is simply inevitable.

However, you should not let your blood boil.

Every dark cloud a one silver lining but such a situation has many.
  • Those in the coterie will not be able to find a job elsewhere so they stay put. You can find a job elsewhere.
  • Those in the coterie have no choice but remain a blind loyalist of the top guy. You can afford not to be a loyalist.
  • Those in the coterie make the organization a stinking swamp, enjoy playing diry games and start stinking themselves. You can find a better place to play, playing in stinking swamp is no fun.
  • Those in the coterie like playing in the mud and are like pigs. You are not a pig and that's a very good news.
So if you are in position where you are in such an organization which can make your blood boil, no point in worrying.

You have to start looking for the nearest exit.

And as soon as you find one, get going. Get out.

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