Thursday, March 9, 2017

Why You Should Not Let Your Blood Boil Seeing the Top Man Led Comical Club of Coterie in a Company, Though Boil It Certainly Will

Top man led coterie-infested organizations are an interesting subject for anyone studying about corporate culture.

What are the typical characteristics of such companies:
  • They are typically small to medium-sized with the level of professionalism being on the lowest side of the scale.
  • They have a group of specific individuals or a family as the owner, promoter and majority shareholder.
  • The desire of the top people is no less than a diktat in such organizations. And the top people are not connected with the ground realities.
  • The conversations in such organizations typify the lack of empowerment. They usually go like this, "VXY has asked this to be done" (where VXY is the top man or one of the members of the coterie).
  • Those in the coterie are neither competent nor ethical. They are where they are because of one and only one reason - blind loyalty to the top man. Those in the coterie are essentially a pack of "yes sir dogs" of their owner!
Being in such an organization will make your blood boil.

No doubt about it. That is simply inevitable.

However, you should not let your blood boil.

Every dark cloud a one silver lining but such a situation has many.
  • Those in the coterie will not be able to find a job elsewhere so they stay put. You can find a job elsewhere.
  • Those in the coterie have no choice but remain a blind loyalist of the top guy. You can afford not to be a loyalist.
  • Those in the coterie make the organization a stinking swamp, enjoy playing diry games and start stinking themselves. You can find a better place to play, playing in stinking swamp is no fun.
  • Those in the coterie like playing in the mud and are like pigs. You are not a pig and that's a very good news.
So if you are in position where you are in such an organization which can make your blood boil, no point in worrying.

You have to start looking for the nearest exit.

And as soon as you find one, get going. Get out.

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