Sunday, February 12, 2017

The 100+100 Principle - Live to 100 Years and Earn 100 Million Dollars

The 100+100 principle is essentially reaching the magic number of 100 in the two most important dimensions of your life - health and wealth.

If you can manage to live to 100 years, it will easily provide you more than enough time and opportunities to have a great life.

If you want to live to 100, you have to get the following things right:
  • Eat healthy food and avoid junk food
  • Drink lot of water and eat lot of fibres
  • Maintain a balanced diet by eating a variety of food
  • Eat nuts and dry fruits
  • Consume as less medicines as possible
  • Keep your immunity strong and not fall sick, especially during change in seasons
  • Take extreme care in protecting yourself from the vagaries of changing weather
  • Do some physical exercises and yoga
  • Take care of yourself so as not to have any life-threatening critical diseases like diabetes, hypertension, lung and kidney infections
  • Do some mental relaxation exercises and meditation
  • Develop equanimity and remain calm and composed at all times
  • Learn to let go of things and don't carry any bad baggage in your mind
In a similar vein, if you can manage to earn 100 million dollars, it will easily allow you to afford to live a great life with all essential stuff you would ever need.

If you want to earn 100 million dollars, you have to get the following things right:
  • Earn enough so that you can save something after buying the essential stuff
  • Save a good part of what you earn
  • Save more of what you earn in successive years
  • Build an emergency fund for the rainy and the miserable days
  • Invest your money in the right manner
  • Diversify your investments adequately (never keep all eggs in one basket)
  • Don't over diversify by learning about risks and rewards in various types of investments
  • Re-invest the earnings from your investments
  • Learn about compound interest and use it to your advantage
  • Avoid compound interest working against you (full credit card debt not paid every single month)
  • Never ever take debt, if possible
  • Never invest using leverage
  • Starting early and going slow and steady with your investments is the approach to follow (Rome was not built in a day)
You don't need too much stuff - bigger house, fancier car, fashionable clothes and exotic food - for a happy life. You need the essential stuff only.

The idea behind the above is to have a simple yet content and purposeful life. 

Remember, being wealthy is the most important way to ensure you have the essential stuff. Every day.

Also remember, being healthy is much more important than having a lot of stuff. Any day.

In summary, you have to be wealthy enough to have the money needed to buy the stuff. And you have to be healthy enough to be around to enjoy the stuff you buy with your money!

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