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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Do You Constantly Feel Unsettled and Discontent with the Way Your Life Seems to be Just Drifting Along?

Yes? You do constantly feel unsettled? Discontent perhaps? Think your life seems to be just drifting along?

If you are going through all of the above it is high time to pause and even drop dead in your tracks and have a deep, hard look at how your life is getting along the path to your death eventually.

Remember, you don't have infinite and indefinite time to do course correction.

You should invest your energies in finding your true calling of your life without loosing any more time. The time is now.

If you don't start doing something about it now, right this very moment, it will never happen. And before you realize, you will very soon be on your death bed.

When you are on your death bed, the only thought that will truly be important is this - did you live a life that was settled and content.

Can you say, you did find the true calling of your life?

If you love to do what you do, its great. However at times, you love what you do and are great in that as well but what you do and the kind of person that you are may be completely out of sync.

For example, maybe you want to do something where you don't want to work with certain kind of people. However, the kind of people you work with currently maybe exactly the kind of people you don't enjoy working with.

Or maybe you want to be financially free and make capital allocation and investments as your career but are stuck with somthing not out of choice but out of lack of choice.

Think about it. Find the true calling of your life. But be in a great hurry. Time is running out.

When you find a job that resonates with what you truly are you will become great in that. The reason is such a job will not be job. It will be very purpose and essence of your life.

So keep looking. And do not stop until you find it.

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