Thursday, January 10, 2019

The Meeting of the Musketeers and their Master

There was this meeting today.

The meeting where the musketeers met their master.

The musketeers came like monkeys looking for crumbs to be thrown at them by their master.

This was supposed to be the management meeting.

Musketeers seldom make management though.

The musketeers owe their wretched existence to their loyalty to the master.

The musketeers know the above very well.

However, they mask their lack of professionalism and ethics.

They met secretively with other musketeers and the master in the meeting that happened today.

This meeting happens time and again.

Only the musketeers get invited to this meeting.

Other relevant and competent folks are strictly not invited.

This meeting is out of bound for those with professionalism and ethics.

The musketeers meet and what they do is any one's guess.

They do nothing.

They need to sing paeans to the master.

They have no choice.

They are spineless creatures who are living at the mercy of their master.

The master is a specimen of his own.

He is an expert at faking genuine leadership.

He is an expert in hypocrisy.

But then what else can you expect?

The simple fact that he has a gang of funny musketeers around him clearly shows what kind of a person the master is.

The meeting that happened today will happen again.

And again.

And again.

Nothing concrete and meaningful has come out till date.

And nothing concrete and meaningful will come out ever.

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