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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Life is just about these three things - Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

Yesterday is history.

Yesterday is gone.

You can't do anything about it. Nothing.

Today is a gift.

Today is with you. Grab it. Use it nicely and judiciously.

In fact, only this very moment as you read this (only this) is with you.

The last moment is actually a part of yesterday. Similarly the very next moment is a part of tomorrow.

Tomorrow is mystery.

Tomorrow is yet to come. And it will be there tomorrow, obviously. Plan to use it well and do that for sure when it becomes "today".

Tomorrow brings with it hopes of things that will bring you joy and happiness or at times fears of things that will bring you misery and sadness.

You would love to hear only about good things and you would be eager for them to happen soon or at the right time (like the arrival of a new-born in the family).

However, life is not always good. It brings with it a lot of bad and ugly as well.

Sometimes you would anticipate bad things to happen though you may not want that (like someone terminally-ill in your family is about to die).

So always remember the following about Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

Do not regret about yesterday but do learn from it.

Do live in today and do enjoy the time which is here and now. This time will be gone in no time!

Do no worry about tomorrow but do plan for it.

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