Saturday, May 7, 2016

Stuck in a Rut and Going Totally Nut!

There are times in you life when you would find yourself stuck in a rut. You can't move up, down or sideways and you can't move out.

And you suddenly realize that its been several years in the rut and you have become part of "them" and are no longer "you". You have been trying to get out but have failed so far!

You may see bias, unfairness, partiality all around you, loyalty being paraded in a naked manner, silly stuff being done every day and stooges getting promoted.

You also notice that the stooges have also been stuck for a very long time in a much bigger rut and are doing almost the same thing they used to do 10 years back!

What scares you the most is that very soon you will also hit the 10 year mark. It keeps you awake in the night, it makes you count every second when you are at work.

You are desperate to get out, you are frustrated with your plight, you just want to get rid of the toxicity around yourself.

But you can't.

So stuck in a rut for too long you are going totally nut!

You can't see any lights towards any exit path leading out of the rut you are in.

You also see that the top men and their loyal dogs are not afraid of the rut and that is because they are the ones who created it in the first place.

You are eagerly waiting for that one chance to get going.

And the question that you ask yourself every day is just the same.

When? When? When will you get the chance to escape this sick situation. For how further long will you need to suffer? How long?

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