Sunday, May 22, 2016

Why Some People Always Piss You Off, No Matter What?

It is a fact that there are some people you come across in your life who you would never like. No matter what.

Some people just piss you off.

And there are strong reasons for the same, some of which may have to do with your outlook in life which may be deeply embedded in your sub-conscious mind.

So why some people always piss you off, no matter what?
  • They try to demean and belittle you
  • They try to act smart
  • They request you for something but don't approach you in a nice way
  • They maintain stoic silence as if they are superior to you
  • They pounce on you like a vulture in case you make a mistake
  • They play dirty politics behind your back
  • They are frustrated with their personal affairs
  • They have huge jumbo-sized egos
  • They want others to pump up their fat ego 
  • They are part of the coterie of the top dog
  • They are stooges of the top dog and don't stand for what is right
  • They are "yes sir" henchmen of the top dog
  • They are part of the inner circle
  • They are dead-woods who are allowed to hang on
  • They are narcissistic who love troubling others
  • They focus on what's wrong
  • They focus on finding faullts
  • They oppose change
  • They oppose being challenged
  • They like others to respect their authority and power
In case you are unfortunate to come across such people either in your neighborhood or at your workplace good luck to you!

You have signed up for some really bad times.

Fasten your seat belt as your life is going to pass through turbulence!

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