Friday, May 20, 2016

Is Your Organization Infested with Extra Terrestrial (ET) Employees?

Many organizations, especially small-sized which do not grow even at a reasonably low rate, are ideal breeding ground for the ET employees.

Such employees are, really speaking, dead-woods for whom special roles and assignments are carved out of nowhere.

They are assigned to special initiatives and groups which may not really be needed otherwise in the very first place in another organization.

And lo and behold since they are pet stooges of the management, they are invited to many meetings. Even such meetings where they are not really needed.

They would throw garbage in the name of sick wisdom. They would question everything with an intent to show how smart they are and how much deep understanding they have as compared to others.

At times they sound impossible and are generally hard asses to crack. They think only they know everything about everything.

The ET employees are generally jerks and would have only one intention at all times - make extra-terrestrial statements to show that they are really needed!

The need to again and again prove that they are really needed is so dominant in their behavior that they spread toxicity all around them.

However, as they are pet stooges of the management, they are put high on the pedestal. After all, who doesn't like having their feet licked by a pet stooge?

And those who nurture and promote the stooges may at times themselves be ET employees.

As the organization growth is stunted, they also need to make extra-terrestrial statements to show to the lowly employees that they are also really needed just like the stooge ETs!

In such an organization there are three distinct group of employees:
  • The core or inner part of inner circle - this comprises of those who nurture and promote the ETs. Some of them may be ETs themselves. And yes, they would never leave!
  • The outer part of inner circle - this comprises of the ETs. All of them are invariably stooges of those in the core inner circle. And yes, they will also never leave!
  • The others or outer circle - this comprises of those who are professionals unlike the ETs above. And yes they are always on a lookout to move on!
If you are in such an organization and are a part of the outer circle you deserve to be congratulated. Despite the ET employee culture around you, you have managed to remain a professional.

Hats off to you. However, you are in grave danger if you stay for too long. You may end up becoming an ET employee. You got to move, fast.

Don't wait to turn into an ET employee. Move. Fast.

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