Saturday, May 14, 2016

Why You Need to Put Up with the Shit at the Place You Currently Work and What to Do About it?

The title uses the phrase "place you currently work" and there's a very solid reason behind it.

If you work with an organization where you experience extreme levels of toxicity then you may be longing for and trying hard getting off the burning ship.

However, until you can move out, it is no more an organization in a real sense, but simply a "place you currently work" or rather a "place you hate to go but still need to go"!

You may be severely disengaged. And you may be in a state of mind where you are ready with the resignation notice and just waiting for a job offer.

But why do you need to put up with the shit at the "place you currently work"?

Here are some of the reasons:
  • You have been trying hard but haven't managed to find another job. Again, even if you find one, don't be desperate to take it up before a thorough evaluation. You don't want to move from one toxic place to another
  • You can't leave your job because you got to pay your bills - utilities, doctor/medicines, EMI, school fees, groceries, etc.
  • You do not have any source of income other than the salary you get from the current job. And you don't have enough investments to  continue with your current standard of living using the returns from your investments.
Basically, you have no choice from a financial perspective.

At such a time, it is very important for you to remember the following points:
  • Do not resign in frustration till you get another job
  • Visualize what is the worst that will happen in case you get laid off or fired before you can find another job
  • Take extreme care of your physical health, sleep well, eat well
  • Stay positive and professional at the "place you currently work"
  • Remain relaxed, calm and composed so that there is no adverse impact on you mental health
  • Make sure you do not carry your frustrations at the "place you currently work" back to your home and your family
  • Take stock of your finances to figure out where exactly you stand from a money stand-point
  • Assuming you loose your job today, calculate based on the above point, for how many years/months you can survive on your investments at your current standard of living
  • Cut down your expenses to what is essential, better still become a minimalist
  • Work furiously towards attaining financial freedom so that you can deal with things in your life from the level of f**k you
  • Pay off all loans that you may have as early as you can and become 100% debt-free
  • Buy a house but do remember the point immediately above
  • Ensure you are adequately protected with the right kind of insurance - term, medical, accident and disability, and home insurance
  • Keep the lights on as far as your job search efforts are concerned and in fact increase the focus!
  • Keep yourself motivated by imagining the day when you will accept an offer letter and send the ever-ready resignation notice
  • Lastly, don't bottle up your frustrations and thoughts and do vent them out by writing them down (maintaining a blog for this is a fantastic idea, and it is free as well if you choose the right platform!)
Remember if you are in such a situation, you life may be very miserable. You may be feeling desperate to get out. You may have started to become negative in your outlook.

This may start reflecting on your behavior both a the "place you currently work" and more dangerously at your home and with you spouse, kids and parents.

You should realize that this spiral of negativity is not good for you in whichever way you look at it. And you must immediately stop your descent down the spiral of negativity.

In such a difficult and tumultuous time in your life the key message you should always carry in you mind is this: Stay positive, calm and composed. You owe it yourself and your family!

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