Thursday, May 26, 2016

Identifying and Handling Your Anxieties

Identifying and handling your anxieties is a very powerful way to understand your true drivers in life and what makes you feel energetic and what makes you dull.

Here are some of things that can cause you anxiety:
  • Staying late at work for too many days in a row
  • Dealing with the corporate asses at your workplace
  • Negotiating with someone unreasonable and unfair to deal with
  • Dealing with long-time stooges of the management
  • Being forced to report into an incompetent ass who is a scheming lunatic and a hard-core stooge as well
  • Having someone incompetent sit in judgment of your work
  • Coming across people who carry a big ego and superiority complex
  • Dealing with people at work who are more like college friends than professional colleagues
  • Seeing the the gang of coterie move together in a group
  • Getting stupid email laced with poison and immature rant
  • Receiving toxic and funny remark from a corporate ass
The list will be much longer than above in almost all cases.

Anxiety is a problem if it is not handled well.

It can lead to problems both in respect of mental and physical health.

However, anxiety if handled well can be very soothing and can have the same effect as that of meditation.

In fact, meditation can also be one of the ways to control and calm down one's anxieties.

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