Friday, May 20, 2016

Competence is Inversely Related to Lack of Ownership

If competence is low, then lack of ownership is high. And if competence is high, then lack of ownership is low. They are inversely related.

It is not hard to come up with examples of this.

Someone who is not able to get his group managers to comply to the defined processes shifts the ownership of the compliance to the process facilitator for that group and even to the head of the process facilitation team.

The lack of competence in ensuring compliance leads to disowning of and lack of ownership of compliance and its off-loading to someone else in the organization.

When someone is competent he will manage to get things done in the area under his control. After all, those in that area report into him.

However, if despite reporting structure enabling it, if the person fails to get things done then he is totally incompetent.

And how would such a person hide his incompetence?

The simple and easy way is to disown the tasks this person fails to get through.

Lack of ownership and true commitment are the true hallmarks of an incompetent ass. And he uses it to the extent of it getting obnoxious.

You need to be careful when dealing with such persons at your workplace. At times, they may be hiding under imposing titles like VP, SVP, EVP.

This is a serious situation you may find yourself in some organizations.

And if you have to deal with several such persons in an organization who also happen to be at high levels you are as good as dead.

In this case you should start counting your days. No, not to die but to quit such an organization!

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