Sunday, May 22, 2016

What is Making You Sick These Days?

The question - what is making you sick these days? - is a wonderful question that you should keep on asking yourself once in a while, preferably couple of days every week.

If you are feeling sick and uncomfortable, it is a clear indication for you to try to fix something that's currently not going well in your life and if that's not possible, just move away from it.

You get one life to live. And living it in a way that makes you sick and uncomfortable constantly and not just occasionally is no way to live your life. You deserve better.

So what is making you sick these days?
  • You are stuck in a bad, toxic company. The people around you are unprofessional, immature and create negatives vibes in you.
  • You are not able to sleep properly as you find yourself stuck in a bad, toxic company. Random thoughts related to toxicity you have been experiencing keeps haunting you.
  • You see the stooges and their top dog going for lunch together everyday. The back-room dealings of this group pisses you off completely but there's nothing you can do.
  • You see the coterie and extended coterie working in a tandem and making your position weak and untenable.
  • Your life is going smooth other than this one thing - you are stuck in a bad, toxic company. Finding another job has become the sole purpose of your life at this point.
  • You see a lot of second guessing and irritating, unprofessional emails coming from the stooges and their top dog.
  • You have been trying to get out of the toxic company you currently work at but have failed so far. You are desperate to get an offer so that you can quit and move on.
  • You don't want to work at the toxic company, have not been able to get another job and can't even quit as you have got bills to pay.
  • Your spouse doesn't know about how much toxicity you are handling at your workplace. Of course, you haven't told her any of the nonsense you are experiencing.
  • You get irritated easily on small things at your home and with your family members. And then you feel bad immediately when you realize the need to control this tendency of yours.
It is useful to write down the above in the situation you may be currently experiencing in your life.

The good thing is some things would be making you happy as well. Do note the good things also and feel gratitude that so many things are going well for you.

And yes, it is extremely important to fix whatever is making you sick currently or find a way to move away from it.

You don't need to tolerate toxic and negative people. You owe this to yourself.

And if you decide to quit, just quit without any malice and anger.

Also remember, you don't owe the toxic and negative people any explanation whatsoever. They don't deserve even an ounce of it!

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