Saturday, February 6, 2016

Why It's Dangerous To Work For An Organization Led By A Pack Of Jokers?

Many organizations are unfortunately led by a pack of jokers.

The pack of jokers is worryingly called management but lacks the required vision, growth strategy, progressive mindset, crucial leadership skills and needed competencies.

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Such organizations exhibit several of the following characteristics:
  • The pack of jokers is a close-knit coterie of loyalists whose decisions are shrouded in secrecy, based on ulterior motives and meant to solidify the coterie's hold and further their interests. For example, such companies have policies where based on longevity and age certain additional benefits are provided to its employees but these are actually intended to benefit the coterie.
  • The pack of jokers operates like a tribal clan both literally and figuratively. They carry old-world and regressive notions about employee engagement. The tribesmen responsible for employee well-being in such organizations are both bossy and manipulative. Their focus and intent is to promote compliance rather than commitment.
  • The pack of jokers includes certain jokers who are silent schemers. These are the people who are fond of sending funny emails. spreading negativity and fabricating rumors. Such people are utterly incompetent and manage to survive since they are adoringly propped up by the head of the jokers. 
  • The pack of jokers also has some jokers who think too highly of themselves. Such jokers walk with a distinct gait and a funny angle to their bad head. Their sole purpose is to demean and destroy other lesser folks in the organization.
  • The pack of jokers operates like an exclusive inner club of the head of the jokers. The jokers are well-entrenched in their positions and due to their loyalty are assured of life-time employment. For the jokers the organization becomes like a retirement home as they know well that they are unfit to work anywhere else.
So what should anyone do in such a situation?

First an foremost, one should never join such an organization.

And in case one has already committed such a grave mistake, one should move out quickly - lock, stock and barrel.

Remember, the jokers are essentially devils underneath and can cause severe and debilitating harm.

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