Tuesday, February 6, 2018

What is it Like Working for a Lala Company?

You are befuddled about the things going on around you. 

Like the company is not making enough money so team lunches are stopped but unnecessary and useless off-site meetings get planned.

You are amazed about the fact that the company still exists.

The kind of non-sense going on would make you think that "Ripley's Believe It or Not" is actually all very ordinary.

You feel humiliated about some of the odd things that keep on happening off and on.

Like you come in the morning and are told that the parking place is not available for some silly reason.

And you come to know later in the day that car parking has been reserved for the old, special brigade.

There is lot of talk about open culture and transparency, and that's a problem, there is mere talk.

You are perplexed about the kind people working in the company, especially at the senior levels. 

Everyone placed (yes, placed artificially)  in the supposedly leadership positions are there due to only one reason, servitude - their loyalty to the master and unquestioning attitude.

You are demotivated by the kind of culture you need to put up with constantly.

Since culture is a direct function of the kind of people in leadership positions, it is obvious what kind of people surround you.

The root of the problem is the top dog who openly and blatantly works through and only with his four puppies.

The top dog and the puppies form a close-knit coterie of bad asses.

And when a company is managed by such a cozy group the consequences are eminently disastrous.

You are scared about the consequences due to the kind of organization structure created and management style practiced in such companies.

Loyalty is the only criterion in such companies.

This also leads to a highly grade-conscious workplace.

The sad and strange thing is that the HR head is such a company, who is basically a clown carrying a school-boy attitude and a stooge of the top man, doesn't understand the difference between role and grade.

Artificial reporting structures are erected in such companies with no consideration for merit and competence.

The delivery head in such companies is another specimen, basically yet another clown and a stooge of the top man, who doesn't at all understand how to manage projects and people.

He is a polished talker but an incompetent performer.

The administrative heads of other groups are no different.

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