Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How is Health and Happiness Related to Wealth?

Does having more wealth make you healthier and happier?

This is a question which needs deeper probing as it can help understand the psychology behind why most people stuck in their daily rut try to acquire more and more wealth.

The underlying assumption is that if you are wealthy, then you would be healthy and happy too!

Some people defer their happiness to a certain point in the future.

Their driving motivation is - "I will be happy when I have got X amount of money".

Having that X amount of money can give you financial freedom but not necessarily health and happiness.

Whichever life situation you may be, you can and should strive to remain healthy and happy.

Being healthy is about living a simple life, eating simple and wholesome food and doing some exercises regularly.

It is also important to avoid smoking and too much drinking and taking proper rest.

And finally, it is crucial for being healthy not to get overly stressed about anything at work or elsewhere.

Feeling happy is purely a state of mind.

If you love yourself, have self-esteem and self-confidence and think and do good, you can easily be happy.

It is true that the above is tough given that you are generally surrounded by a lot of negative people and a lot of negativity.

However, remaining positive at all times, especially the turbulent ones, is easier if you are healthy and happy.

It is even far easier if you are wealthy as well.

Being healthy and feeling happy is certainly correlated with being wealthy.

When your net worth is negative (means you are in debt) it will surely have adverse impact on your health and happiness.

As you wealth grows and moves above the zero level, so would your health and happiness also grow.

The marginal increase in your wealth will keep on declining as your wealth grows further and further.

After that point, increase in wealth will have zero impact on your health and happiness.

Here's how the curve of health and happiness versus wealth would typically look like:

It is important to always remember that being healthy and happy is certainly correlated with being wealthy.

Till a point of course.

And after that wealth doesn't really matter!

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