Friday, May 13, 2016

A Frog in the Well Doesn't Grow Big but Grows a Big Ego

Those working in small organizations are like frogs in the well.
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They don't grow big but grow big egos!

Someone might be working for 10 years and doing the same thing.

Of course to inflate the ego of such a person, he gets promoted from Grade 5 to Grade 6 to Grade 7. With higher cost to the company of course.

Such long timers get amply rewarded. However, they are no better than toe-sucking stooge of the top man.

Despite promotions there is no real career growth though for such folks.

Such companies lack business growth and hence tend to slowly drift into a situation where their margins start declining gradually.

After all feeding the blood-sucking frogs with big titles and bigger egos is a costly proposition!

But since the top frog and the stooge frogs are "the company" (being the founders and the early joiners forming the close-knot coterie ) and not merely working for it, they tend to get special incentives and perks.

They may be highly incompetent (which is generally the case) and to cover up for that they become adept at blaming others, play dirty politics, write flaming e-mails, show attitude and run vicious campaign to malign others.

They also get bigger rooms which is dwarfed only by their elephant sized egos they carry inside a stunted frog-sized body.

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