Friday, May 6, 2016

What Do You Want From Your Life?

What do you want from your life?

This is a very important question indeed. The most important perhaps.

This is what you probably want:
  • Live till the age of 100 years (live very long and more importantly in extremely good health till the very last day of your life)
  • Work in a place and with people who are nice (and even if that is not so, you should remain nice and use emotional detachment to stay positive and upbeat)
  • Attain financial freedom (work towards reaching a state where your income from investments exceeds your expenses, month after month, till the very last month of your life)
  • Take care of your family and enjoy your relationships with your spouse, kids and parents (give your family enough for them to have a safe and comfortable life)
  • Be a minimalist, buy as less stuff as possible (focus on accumulating experiences over accumulating stuff)
  • Adopt a spiritualistic attitude in life (remain energetic, remain nice no matter what happens in life and remember time is running out and also in the end nothing matters)
So what do you want from your life?

Write it down like above. Look at it very often. And do make sure your are living each moment fully conscious of what you want from your life.

The idea is that when your are about to die and you look back and think about how you lived it, you should have no regrets. You should actually be happy to die.

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