Monday, May 23, 2016

I Was Not Born Rich But I Would Want To Die Rich For Sure

The world is inevitably moving towards a state where your economic well-being and status is increasingly going to decide how your life experience is going to be like - from the time you are born till you die.

You can't choose to be born rich. When you are born is the first instance, and perhaps the most significant of them all, when lady luck can play a make or break role in how you would live your life.

If your are lucky, you would be born as the son and daughter of a wealthy parents. You would be as they say born with the proverbial "silver spoon in the mouth".

You are guaranteed a comfortable and secure childhood in most likelihood. You would have access to most of the basic necessities and some more.

You would get an opportunity to go to a decent school, get educated, maintain reasonable health and may be inherit some wealth.

In case you are born in a poor family, the dice is loaded against you right from the start.

Playing the game of cards after you have been dealt "not so good" set of cards can be a tough act for even the best of the players.

The worst thing about being poor is that you may not even get the opportunity to go to a decent school, get educated, maintain reasonable health (things which are taken for granted by most of us).

So what you are born as - rich or poor - is a matter of luck!

However, once you grow up into an independent and mature adult, what happens in you life would start depending more on your abilities and how things play out in your life.

At this point in your life, you and others like you would be at par in a certain sense. What happens from this point onward would bear upon whether you die rich or not.

It is important for every person to strive to become rich and wealthy in their life-time in case they were not born rich.

As is accepted as a universal truth, in life you must strive only for three things - character, health and wealth.

Among these three wealth takes the third place in the order of importance and rightly so.

So as long as you take care of the first two - character and health, you are set for life.

Then focus on wealth.

When it comes to wealth, you should strive to accumulate as much as is possible without becoming sick or killing yourself through work stress.

Also stay totally away from using unfair and unethical means, which, at times, can lead you to spend the last part of your life in prison - think of Enron and Bernie Madoff!

For a happy and successful life, being wealthy certainly helps.

Hence, you should always think of the following and strive to become rich:

"I was not born rich but would want to die rich for sure"

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