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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dying Happy and Healthy

One must strive to live and die as a happy and healthy person.

Dying happy and healthy is the epitome of a successful life as it means the person has been able to achieve most of the desires (happy) and has been able to enjoy the achievements as well (healthy).

Happiness is a relative concept which essentially embodies the following aspects:
  • Understanding one's god-gifted inherent talents and potential - everyone is unique
  • Achieving what one is truly capable of - stretch out without breaking apart
  • Living a balanced life - both in personal life and profession
  • Not regretting any moment in life - no regrets, no if and should
Heath is a holistic concept which embodies the following aspects:
  • Physical condition - body immunity, vital organs, accidents
  • Mental and emotional condition - calmness, relaxed mind
  • Spiritual condition - philosophical outlook, purpose of life

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