Thursday, August 25, 2011

Learning from Mistakes

All of us make mistakes. And I think making mistakes is not a bad thing as long as one gets another shot at it (at times this may not be possible and one mistake is enough to wipe out one's existence, growth or future plans). Another aspect of making mistakes is that one must learn from it. Making the same mistake again and again should be unpardonable.

I have come across many people who don't seem to realize the gravity of not learning from the mistakes. Some of the people I have interacted with in my professional career seem to carry a casual attitude to mistakes and learning.

There are some who get disheartened easily and there some who are overenthusiastic and at times utterly unrealistic. The learning from past may not remain relevant in the current situation so one must be willing to unlearn and then learn new things as well. This is another aspect of learning.

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