Saturday, November 26, 2011

Nature, Inc. versus Human, Inc.

Development of world economy has brought the battle between nature and human to the very front. For now it might appear that Human, Inc. is winning the battle over Nature, Inc. but that's not true if one scratches the surface a bit. What will come to the notice is not very surprising but also deeply concerning.

Nature Doesn't Need Human but Humans Can't Survive Without Nature

Nature doesn't need human beings but human beings need nature for their existence. If tomorrow there were another world war which exterminates the human race for ever nature won't come to a halt. Sun will rise every morning, rivers will flow on their course, wind will blow, stars will shine and earth will continue its movement.

It is imperative for human beings to exercise extreme caution and care as they put nature to its service. Utilization of natural resources shouldn't cross the boundary where use turns into abuse and/or misuse and/or waste.

Cleanup Act - For Humans to Survive Nature Has to be Saved

Governments the world over have been propagating awareness and actions in many areas, as listed below, which are aimed at taking care of nature:
  • Elimination or reduction in pollution causing substances
  • Use of renewable sources of energy
  • Conservation of water and other natural resources
We human beings owe it to our future generations and we must take care of nature. The people who will inhabit earth, let's say a century from now, will thank and fondly remember us not for all the technological advancements that have been made (especially in the last 5-6 decades) but for a very simple thing: they are alive!

Nature, Inc. for Human, Inc.

Yes taking birth and staying alive itself will become the primary endeavor and the biggest challenge for human beings if we don't clean up our acts. Being able to breathe fresh air, drink clean water, eat hygienic food, will become difficult in times to come if we continue our current adversarial relationship with Nature, Inc. It is clear that for it not to become extinct Human, Inc. must follow the will of Nature, Inc. We must remember that Nature, Inc. was always supreme and will remain so.

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