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Sunday, January 22, 2012

We Never Reach Anywhere We Just Pass Through

I have always thought that we never reach anywhere we just pass through to reach somewhere else and this goes on. This also means that we may probably achieve something or a lot from zero (rags to riches) but whatever we achieve in life is never final and ending! We may achieve something more or different. It is also possible that we may loose some part or all of what we have achieved (from riches to rags). That's why it's important to live life as if you are an observer rather than an actor.

Life is a Wonderful Experience

Life is full of surprises, both pleasant and nasty. Life may offer someone all riches and prosperity, or offer someone everything and then take all of it away, or from nothing give everything. Life may be more than fair to someone and grossly unfair to someone. However, all in all life is an experience worth going though.

Life Can Throw Nasty Surprises at Us

 There's an incident which deserves a mention here. While working with a small company passing through a bad phase I was told by both the owners that my role is critical and I need not worry. And then without any clue one of the major initiatives was cancelled.

One of the owner started playing games with me. He made me go through an uncertain period with utter lack of professionalism and ethics. After being confronted by me in a professional manner he said he will come back. And he did in a day or two, but in a very very mean, unprofessional and insensitive manner. I still remember the words "we have decided to shunt the X department".

Some of the Nasty Surprises Can Get Nastier

The other owner who used to fake being a professional never had the courtesy and courage to come and talk to me directly. I always felt he was an unethical, spineless, untrustworthy and very very wily like a fox.

After my departure from that company I came to know that the two unethical, shady characters had started another company. In fact the new company was started before the old started dying. It seems they only killed the old company. They very unprofessionally stole the dying company's customers (it was by sheer chance I came to know of this from a person who used to report into me in that very company).

In the End the Nasty Surprises Teach Us More about Life

It's clear that life can be nasty, ruthless and totally insensitive. However the above bad experience was also a good teacher of life. Life did not stop there but took me into a direction which was painful initially but ended in a better  shape in the end.

After having been through such an experience it's my firm belief that we never reach anywhere we just pass through to reach somewhere else and this goes on. This also means that whatever we achieve in life is never final and ending - neither for me nor for the two wily characters through whom life taught me a lot.

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