Saturday, September 14, 2013

Why Any Leader Loses Credibility in the Eyes of Those She is Supposed to be Leading?

A leader can loose credibility in the eyes of those she is supposed to be leading in no time. Building credibility takes lot of effort and time but loosing it is quick and immediate.

Leaders must be always conscious of this fact lest they start assuming themselves to be perfect.There are several reasons for a leader to loose credibility. Here are some of such reasons:
  • The leader is inconsistent in her communication. In one meeting she says that a particular customer is not reasonable and in  another meeting she says that customer is always right.
  • The leader indulges in blatant lies. Instead of saying to a difficult partner that she is not available for a certain duration, she says that she is on planned vacation.
  • The leader promotes a coterie culture where those who are not a part of the old boys club are not given the appropriate professional status in the organization.
  • The leader doesn't take any action to correct the non-professional attitude of those who are a part of the old boys club.
  • The leader discourages anyone saying a "no" or asking tough questions and in fact is against anyone becoming a part of the old boys club

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