Monday, January 4, 2016

Life Is A Series Of Botheration and Writing Them Down Helps

Life can be seen as a journey from one botheration to another. When you are a student, examinations may look like a botheration, when you are in college getting a job may look like a botheration. And so on and so forth.

At any stage in your life, you will be accosted with several botheration. In some sense, they keep life exciting and tomorrow worth looking forward to. The human mind should be driven by the thought that tomorrow will be brighter and then should strive to make it so.

It is helpful to pen down your botheration at different points in your life. This naming of the animal makes sure you know exactly what you are dealing with. It is important to note that the list of botheration will change throughout various stages of life so you must keep amending your list a well.

The list can be a very simple with the botheration written as line items. You should use the exact feeling that comes to your mind when thinking of a botheration. It is also important to capture the botheration along with why it is so. One example of such a list is given below for ready reference.
  • Hate the person you are forced to report into at work because the person is toxic, incompetent, political, unfair and non-transparent
  • Dislike specific persons at work because they are long-timers and loyalists who carry a condescending attitude, think too highly of themselves, and are full of conceit
  • Dislike a person who reports into you because she is toxic, plays double game and would tell you something and tell others something else.
  • Disrespect the leaders in the current organization because they are uninspiring, lack ethics, ignore the toxic long-timers and loyalists
  • Stuck in a toxic and bad job and not being able to move out because of not being able to find an opportunity
  • Worry about financial freedom because of not being able to earn enough to create wealth that would lead to becoming financially free
  • Worry about loosing your job because of economic recession and bad management in the current organization
  • Stuck in a career rut because of realizing that your career has reached a dead-end in some sense and you need to change its direction
  • Worry about your health because of realizing that you may not have been very careful about it in the past and you need to pay good attention to it now
  • Worry that you will never become rich and powerful because of realizing that you are stuck in a certain career choice and with a certain circle of people in your network.
The list can be as simple as above and can include short-term and long-term botheration. In addition, you can also add another column for what action is planned or being taken  by you to address that botheration. That would help immensely.

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