Monday, July 11, 2016

Working With the Coterie of the Top Man Is Tough, Really Tough

In many organizations the top man operates through his coterie.

First and foremost, how do you know you are in a coterie managed organization?

Well, in such an organization the top man and the coterie (the cozy club) go for lunch together.

That's how you know you have got yourself into a very bad deal as far your current place of work goes.

It's a fact that working with the coterie of the top man is as bad as it can get. The coterie is like a bunch of monkeys who love scratching the bloody backs of each other.

They meet with the top man behind the back of others whom they treat as lowly outsiders.

The also develop a closed network of people who help them with certain aspects of their business and the words of people from the closed network is taken as the Bible by the top man and his coterie.

And they loose any sense of professionalism they may be faking all the while by blaming and harassing the outsiders.

The top man doesn't do anything on his own, obviously. He has his henchman whom he promotes in a shameless and ludicrous manner.

The top man would say things like, "as needed escalate the matter to my henchman immediately".

The irony is that the henchman is a person who doesn't even know how to spell matter!

But being a stooge of the top man he is put on a pedestal made up only of loyalty.

Let merit go to hell.

As you should expect it, the coterie has people who are not really that competent as compared to people one would find at similar level in a professional organization.

In fact, there may be situations where the coterie behaves in as comical a manner as one can imagine.

They would call for unnecessary meetings, follow the words from the top man like a gospel, and don't make even a slight use of small-sized brains.

Working with coterie is tough, really tough. And that is so because you won't know what they talk about behind your back.

You know what they talk would be nothing other than utter non-sense but you also know such non-sense may be dangerous for you.

You should never trust the coterie.

They would tell something to you in one meeting in front of one person, tell something else to you in another meeting in front of another person and then something totally different behind your back.

People who are a part of the coterie are like stooges, they act like henchmen of the top man and are examples of tail wagging dogs. Such people are not easy to work with.

The fact is working with the coterie of the top man is tough, really tough. If you are working with the coterie you need to be saluted and also wished best of luck!

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