Tuesday, August 23, 2016

What Leads to the Formation of Coterie Clubs in Companies?

Coterie clubs are a sad reality of the corporate world. These are commonly found in small-sized organizations and especially those that are not growing at a reasonable clip.

They are found in large organizations too, especially in companies where a gang of senior folks at the local management level use the empowerment provided to them by the HQ in a wrong manner.

Some of the following factors may lead to the formation of coterie clubs in companies?
  • Lack of "true" professionalism in those who constitute the senior management. At times these folks would be no different than a pack of jokers. And this can be dangerous, very dangerous. Read this - Why It's Dangerous To Work For An Organization Led By A Pack Of Jokers?
  • The so called higher-ups and senior folks do not deal with matters in a fair and transparent manner. Their words and actions give a strong but unmistakable sign of manipulating and gaming the system using unethical means. They work more like a gang of manipulators than a group of leaders.
  • There are too many long-timers in the company whose only qualification is that they are loyal to the top man. Many of these long-timers are actually dead-woods but as they lick the ass of the top bad-ass, they continue to thrive in such companies. Their only motto is to put down those who are outsiders and continue to help maintain the dominance of the inner circle.
  • There are many people in the company who do not come across as professional colleagues but rather as pathetic college-mates. They meet often during office hours to have silly talks and to watch funny videos. Such people have no choice but to form coterie to simply survive.

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