Friday, November 3, 2017

The Three Monkeys that Sat Together

This post is about three monkeys, the three monkeys that sat together.

Why the monkeys sat together?

Well, they sat together because they are well, ahem, monkeys.

Monkeys sit together in meetings.

So but naturally they sat together.

One would observe the above in Lala companies where English-speaking monkeys, oops Lalas, run the show.

Or rather, the monkeys are the show!

The monkeys speak like one body, one soul.

And what's their key competency?

They are pet monkeys of the top gorilla-like monkey.

The gorilla likes loyalists who know only one thing.

"Yes sir".

The monkeys are also adept at scratching each other's backs.

They are the insiders. They know the secrets.

They play dirty games in the back-channel.

The top gorilla knows everything but does nothing.

The top gorilla is the real culprit.

Allowing monkeys to create mess all around and remaining silent is not what would happen in any professional set-up.

In a Lala set-up, monkeys creating the mess is the only thing that can and would happen.

Another meeting, another day.

The moneys sat together. Again.

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