Thursday, March 10, 2011

Handling People with Attitude Problems... Let it Go

In personal and professional lives you come across many kinds of people. In some cases you feel bad due to the way others treat you. Such people generally have an attitude problem or carry a complex. One such person I have met made me feel that way initially however when I analyzed that the person has an attitude problem or carries a complex I let it go.

This person was working in an organization heading one of the functions and was a senior person there. I met this person many times in different forums and meetings. After meeting this person couple of times I had imagined that when we meet the person would recognize me. However, contrary to me expectations, the person used to behave as if I did not exist or we were meeting for the first time. One certain occasions I took lead to strike a conversation but it did not go too far.

Then I decided that since the person has an attitude problem or carries a complex I should let it go. On one of the occasions I went on with my activities without bothering about the other person - in fact I did not even bother to look at the person. I had to catch a cab and I walked straight ahead passing this person without bothering about the person's presence and his very existence. I guess letting it go has helped.

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