Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tsunami and Earthquake in Japan in March 2011

The havoc and damage caused by the Tsunami and Earthquake in Japan seems to some kind of a warning from Nature. It seems like a demonstration by nature that despite all the progress made by mankind and the material developments that have accrued from harnessing of nature in the form of science and technology, nature is still more powerful than mankind. Man may imagine that by constructing a building which is resistant to certain intensity of earthquake there would be no more problem only to find nature come back with a higher intensity earthquake.

Mankind at the Mercy of Nature

Japan is used to earthquakes and construction rules and regulations there ensure damage from earthquakes is either eliminated or minimal. However, the earthquake and the ensuing Tsunami this time has been so powerful that the rules and their adherence mean little. It is interesting to note that had it been any other country where rules and regulations are flouted with complete disrespect the damage would have been unimaginable. This not only shows nature is more powerful than anything mankind has been able to do till date but also the fact that mankind must frame stringent rules and regulations and follow them religiously so as to ensure nature's fury is controlled to certain extent. 

Nature Can Surprise Us Anytime

However, there's still a big question that remains with an answer mankind may not want to hear. And that is the unpredictability of nature's actions. Let's assume Japan was prepared to handle an earthquake even more severe than 8.9 richter scale. Is there any guarantee the earthquake's would have been of lesser intensity? In fact, what is the guarantee it will never be 100 on the richter scale or even more? Mankind is so fragile that if and when nature decides to wipe it out it will take it just 10 seconds. An earthquake with intensity of more than 10 has never been recorded and no one except nature and God would know what is the intensity beyond which the earth may split into two and life ceases to exist (it has been theoretically postulated that an earthquake above 12 has the potential to split the earth into two!).

Nature Doesn't Really Care for Human Civilization

All said and done mankind is at the mercy of a supreme being which allows earth to be hospitable for mankind to survive and the day the supreme being decides to bring down the curtains that will be the end of it. Nature doesn't care whether mankind survives or not and even after major damage and possible wipeout of the species "Homo Sapiens' nature will go on as if nothing ever happened. Sun, moon and other celestial bodies will continue their movement, rivers will flow and trees will grow as if nothing ever happened. And not that only even if these things don't happen the supreme being won't care.

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