Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cash Comes from Competency, Connection and Chance

One of the purpose in life is to become successful. In this materialistic world success is generally seen as equivalent to how much cash comes one's way (this is probably true except for certain professions and certain personalities).

Cash and Competency

Competency is the ability of a person to perform the activities demanded by a profession in such a manner that the person is seen as the "go to guy". Examples include famous cricketers who could do wonders with the bat or the ball or both.

Competency allows a person to be able to leverage an opportunity if it comes the person's way. Without competency a person can get an opportunity but fail to make use of it to become successful.

Cash and Connection

Connection is the network of people a person has been able to cultivate who can in some manner influence the opportunities that come a person's way. Example includes a promising cricketer getting noticed by the selection committee due to a string of stellar performances.

Connection allows a person to be considered by those who matter to notice and provide opportunities to the person. Without connection a person with competency also may not get the opportunity.

Cash and Chance

Chance is the blessing of an invisible hand that makes a person convert an opportunity to one's advantage. This is where the rubber meets the road and cash comes flowing down to the person's pockets. Example includes a cricketer playing a match where other players under-perform.

Chance allows a person to capitalize an opportunity that comes the person's way. Without chance a person with competency and connection may fail to leverage the opportunity.

Cash Comes from Competency, Connection and Chance

The role of competency, connection and chance is pivotal to success in the form of loads of cash. It can be said that cash comes from competency, connection and chance.

The timing of connection and chance is important in ensuring cash does indeed come. For example if someone takes the video of a promising cricketer which is watched by the selection committee after twenty years it will certainly do no good for the person.

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