Thursday, August 9, 2012

Online Shopping Experiences

I purchased few items over the Internet in the last one year - cellphone, corded telephone, printer cartridges, baby products, shirt, shoes and accessories. Here are some observations based on my experiences:
  • Avoid the not so known, unbranded and unreliable websites
    • One of the not so known website I purchased a color cartridge from shipped me a piece where the warranty period was about to get over.
    • Another unbranded website I purchased some baby products shipped me an old milk bottle for infants. Also another item was not as per what I thought it would be. The description on the website was not to mark.
    • Another unreliable website I purchased shirt, shoes and accessories from shipped me a shoe which was not of the quality claimed by the website.
  • Always go with branded websites
    • One of the site I purchased a cellphone and corded telephone each was a good experience. The corded telephone size was slightly lesser what I had thought but rest everything was fine.
    • Another site I purchased a black cartridge from shipped a fresh piece in perfect condition.
Based on my good experience websites I recommend for online shopping:
  • Flipkart
  • Ebay
And based on my not so good experience websites I recommend to avoid:
  • Nextworld
  • Yebhi
  • Hushbabies
These are based on my experiences. However, as they say everyone has different experiences and perspectives.

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