Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Nitpickers and Naysayers

Nitpickers and naysayers are part and parcel of any organization. These people are characterized by typical behavior patterns. It is crucial for one to learn to deal with the nitpickers and naysayers.

First and foremost, how does one figure out the nitpickers and naysayers present around? Here are some signals that can help one on this:
  • Such people would write emails with disparaging remarks about others and with the intent to show others down
  • Such people would write nasty emails starting with "I am surprised that this did not happen", "People are laughing at this", "I was just wondering what is the value add from this", etc.
  • Such people would react nastily to any changes in the schedule of an activity shared with them earlier with statements like "I am not a dustbin that gets moved from here to there just like that"
  • Such people would call you at the slightest of reason like someone requesting their team to help at the last moment
  • Such people will act nasty with anyone whom they perceive and think as more competent than themselves
  • Such people would be amongst the first ones to bring up reasons why something will not work at all

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