Monday, November 9, 2015

Stuck in a Toxic Workplace and Reporting into an Unprofessional, Incompetent and Toxic Person

The combination of being stuck in a toxic workplace along with reporting into an unprofessional, incompetent and toxic person is a lethal combination. It is like having your head stuck in quicksand smelling very badly. One can't see anything clearly, one can't stand the odor and one can hardly breathe.

In fact, toxic workplaces and toxic people in such workplaces are extremely bad for one's health. It is perhaps the case that toxic people create toxic workplaces and toxic workplaces are perfect setting for toxic people to grow and prosper.

Toxic people come in various forms. The worst are the silent killers. They have a smug look on their face and are cunning to the core like a wily fox. And if the person you are forced to report into is basically like a cunning fox it is your rotten luck, period. Foxes are by nature not trustworthy. They would say something now and something later. They can lie blatantly. And they have utter disregard for fairness and transparency.

One way also wonder how one can have a fox in the workplace? The truth is there are not only fox but many more interesting toxic creatures that roam the corporate world - leech, snake, crocodiles, scorpion, etc.

A toxic workplace is the perfect place to find the above toxic species in a single place. And if the person you are forced to report into is basically one of the above toxic creatures, it is your rotten luck, period.

For a professional such workplaces are like career graves. And if one is not able to move on to another workplace and stuck it is a very sad and sorry situation to be in. One has to keep on trying to move out  at the earliest in a fire-fighting mode otherwise career grave can soon turn into life grave.

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