Monday, November 9, 2015

The Silly Strut of the Corporate Stooges

Corporate stooges are a typical though unfortunate reality of the corporate world. These are those specimens who are close to the top men by virtue of their loyalty. And for them the other employees are insignificant and unimportant.

The stooges strut around the organization in an utmost silly manner. They form a club of monkeys scratching each others' backs.

The silly strut of corporate stooges has negative impact on employee morale. The stooges would protect one another as if they belong to the same tribe. Any employee complaining against any of the stooges will be dealt with brazenly by the other stooges.

The stooges are also fond of sending stupid emails to others. And they would do everything possible to demean others. They carry a condescending attitude and present themselves as street smart. In reality though, they are silly asses showing off their silly stuff and strutting for silly reasons.

They go for lunch together mostly with the top man. The ritual they follow while going for lunch or at other functions presents a good example of silly strutting. The stooges will assemble and then strut their way to the dining area. And of course they get special treatment at the lunch table.

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