Thursday, October 8, 2015

How to Handle a Demeaning Workplace?

Many modern workplaces, due to the way they have evolved, are demeaning to the worker's self-respect and at times are soul-crushing as well.The worker may feel trapped, constantly humiliated and ready to quit if another job offer comes her way.

And in case the worker is not succeeding in finding another job, she may grow frustrated and start thinking of quitting without another job in hand. It is important in such times to stay grounded and subdue the ego.

Ego can't put food on the table, only money can. And as long as money is coming from the work to pay the bills, the worker should endure the humiliation, put on a happy facade and cheerfully carry on.

Also it is important to remember that getting another job while having one is far easier than otherwise. Changing workplace may also not help much as modern workplaces tend to be generally demeaning.

This also brings up the following crucial aspects that can be used as a broad guidance by a worker to survive a demeaning workplace with the objective of eventually reaching a position where the worker doesn't need to work.
  • Worker should stay put, swallow humiliating experiences and see the income from the salary as the means to pay bills and to provide seed capital to eventually turn into a capitalist.
  • Worker should keep on trying for another job so as to move to another workplace. However changing workplace may not always help.
  • Worker should constantly make efforts to move in the direction towards financial freedom. This means if the worker looses her job it will not alter her life-style too significantly in an adverse manner.
  • Once financial freedom as explained above has been achieved, worker can decide not to work at all.
  • And in case the worker decides to work she should find a job that she would love to do regardless of the workplace. A worker can far easily handle a demeaning workplace if she is passionate about the work.

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