Saturday, October 3, 2015

Handling Electronics Waste

Proper disposal of old, obsolete and broken electronics items and their parts such as laptops, tablets, mobile handsets and cell phone batteries is essential to minimize adverse impact on the environment.

So what can one do with old mobile handsets and cell phone batteries which are not working? Here are two environment-friendly options one can use:
  • Leave them at the service and repair center of the company which manufactured it
  • Send them to an e-waste management company
There has to be back-end system with the manufacturing company or the e-waste management company to dispose off the old electronics items and their parts in a manner such that the adverse impact on the environment is zero, not even minimal impact should be acceptable.

Future generations may not be alive today but if they were, all of them would have collectively voiced their opinion that anything other than zero cannot be tolerated when it comes to the very existence of human race.

All the electronics waste being created by humans today has the potential to make planet Earth unfit for human beings and there is no option whatsoever. For managing a risk a common approach is to have a track B in case track A, the primary track, fails for any reason.

Though all attempts are made to ensure track A succeeds but failure probability is never zero. With planet Earth unfortunately there is no track B. There is no planet B to fall back upon in case planet A ceases to be fit for life. And in case this so happens it will be the end of human race.

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