Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Importance of Ethics in the Corporate World

Time and time again, ethical failures erupt in the corporate world (including at the so called blue-chip companies) demonstrating that lessons from history are conveniently forgotten by business organizations in their pursuit of top line and bottom line.

The focus on top line and bottom line blinds the top executives in business enterprises so much that they choose to ignore unethical practices in the organization. The top guns in many organizations are those who possess uncanny street smarts and strong horse sense.

The top guns are typically those who get customer orders, sell products, deliver services, collect invoice money, etc. and while doing so may at times indulge in unethical practices which might be viewed by the organization as "being smart".

Several cases in the last few decades serve as grim reminders of how the system finally catches up with the street smartness of top guns and the end consequence of unethical practices garbed as uncanny street smarts and strong horse sense.

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