Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Why Warren Buffet Doesn't Own Technology Stocks?

Why Warren Buffet doesn't own technology stocks? Well, only Warren Buffet really knows the true answer to this question - "why Warren Buffet doesn't own technology stocks?"

In case one would like to take a good guess at why it is so, then perhaps following reasons could be offered.
  • Technology landscape keeps on changing rapidly and it is not certain whether technology of today will survive tomorrow and it is next to impossible to project this ten years hence.
  • Technology stocks are based on products and services which are not essential to human existence. One cannot live without eating bread for even a few days but one can easily live for as long as one would want to without sending a tweet!
  • Technology business is good and one can perhaps make some money as well, when the first product or service offering comes out but as soon as the novelty wears off and lookalikes appear in the marketplace the revenue model becomes weak and loss-prone. For understanding this aspect one just needs to search for "buy xyz online", where xyz could be anything. The number of websites which come up as options to consider are too many that one can be sure that most of them are not going to be making money.
  • Technology stocks tend to glamorize and glorify technology over customer and business needs. For example. buying something online should be seen as another way to buy something. However, at times the impression one might get is that buying something online is the only way to buy. The technology behind it is shown to be worth billions of dollars based on the valuations done by certain class of investors (this class would certainly exclude Warren Buffet).
  • How can the channel to sell something become more valuable than the thing being sold? Any customer would buy something to get some experience and buying channel is a small part of the overall experience. 
  • After all, no one can eat an e-bread in case one is hungry. You can e-buy bread but you can never buy e-bread. It is not hard to guess what is more important for human existence - bread or buy.

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