Thursday, September 10, 2015

Why Working Towards Quitting the Rat Race is So Very Critical?

Most of those having a day job are a part of the rat race.

Like a rat scurrying from one corner to another in search of food and safety, corporate rats are scurrying from one day to another, 9am to 6pm, crushing their souls and suppressing their happiness.

Everyday they are braving mad traffic and leaving behind urgent family issues to reach their place of work which they don't love at all to do a job they may not like much or at all!


Most of the employees don't enjoy what they do, have no fun at where they work and have little or no respect for their reporting supervisor.

This is especially true in those cases where the supervisor despite being thoroughly incompetent has been dropped from above by the higher management that loves boot-licking from such supervisors and their absolute loyalty.

Like rats can be caught unawares anytime and thrown out of the house, corporate rats can also be fired at any time.

In any organization except the founders and their loyalists/stooges (in the top management or below) everyone is a rat.

It is critical, therefore, for corporate rats to start preparing themselves for quitting the rat race as early as possible.

Delay can be expensive since as time passes the rats would get heavier (higher compensation and benefits) and hence become a big liability.

In case the business runs into trouble the fat rats are the ones who will be asked to go first.

Corporate rats should work towards saving and investing what they earn in such a manner that they manage to generate enough income to survive in case they loose their job.

Remember, it is harder for a fat rat to come back into the market once thrown out.

Creating financial cushion to see them through life is extremely important for corporate rats.

Life time employment is long gone. Retirement benefits are completely missing or not guaranteed.

And due to increasing pace of change and complexity in the world, rats are highly overexposed and vulnerable.

Remember in the corporate world, retirement is sudden and immediate.

So are you a corporate rat?

Are you worried about your financial security being too much tied to your job security?

Are you anxious that as you live paycheck to paycheck, loss of job would have severe impact on the financial well-being of you and you family?

Are you stressed and afraid about the fact that you may not have a full-time job for very long and certainly not after you turn 40 or 45?

If yes, time is ticking for you, the corporate bomb you call as workplace is waiting to explode.

A smart corporate rat will start accumulating stuff for the rainy days. Saving and investing can go a long way in enabling this.

 A smart corporate rat will also watch out attentively, rain can start anytime!

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