Wednesday, March 9, 2016

What Makes Minimalism a Powerful Way to Live Life?

In the last few decades, and especially so in the last few years, many people have experimented with minimalism and shared their wonderful and life-changing experiences.

So what is minimalism?

The meaning of minimalism is given below


1. (Art Movements) another name for minimal art
2. (Music, other) a type of music based on simple elements and avoiding elaboration or embellishment
3. design or style in which the simplest and fewest elements are used to create the maximum effect

The above does not directly explain the meaning of minimalism.

However, it does provide a good insight into the underlying essence of minimalism  - "based on simple elements and avoiding elaboration or embellishment".

In the above phrase "simple" should be read as "essential" and "elaboration or embellishment" should be read as "clutter".

So minimalism is a way to live your life  based on essential elements while avoiding clutter.

It is important to note that what is essential and what is clutter needs to be defined by you based on your unique understanding of life and your unique life situation.

And what makes minimalism truly a powerful way to live your life?

The key point in minimalism is to focus on experiences rather than accumulating stuff.

Another idea is to cut down the clutter in your life, adopt a simple life, consume less of stuff all around us, stay out of debt, become financially free and eventually enjoy life in a relaxed way.

The true purpose of life is not to accumulate stuff but to experience the journey of life such that when you reach the point of your death, you carry no regrets and are more than happy to embrace death.

Minimalism makes it possible for you to reach a state of mind where you can depart with a content mind and a free spirit. And this is perhaps the true purpose of your, and everybody's, life.

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