Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Unmistakable Signs You are Working in a Company of Toxic Clowns

Working in a company full of toxic clowns is quite an amusing experience.

A clown is "a person whose words or actions provoke or are intended to provoke amusement or laughter".

A toxic clown does amuse but spreads lot of negativity and instills a political culture in the organization.

The toxic clowns are utterly unprofessional, carry big egos and generally roam around in the company in a distinctive style.

Here are some unmistakable signs that you are working in a company of toxic clowns:
  • The clowns at senior and other positions have been there since the very beginning. They are unfit to find a job elsewhere and are stuck (doing what they have been doing all the while).
  • The clowns form a close-knit coterie and go for lunch together discussing silly things in a silly manner.
  • The senior clowns are epitome of foolishness and narrow-mindedness. Their lack of exposure to varied organizational cultures is evident and obvious to any outsider but to them.
  • The senior clowns make unfair and non-transparent decisions. Their behavior and actions are shrouded in secrecy and ulterior motives.
  • The head clown sees it all, but is master of hands-off management or no management style and chooses to keep quiet.
  • The senior clowns protect each others' backs unlike a professional company where senior executives protect the organization's back.
  • Some of the senior clowns are totally disconnected from the ground realities and are adept at saying "yes sir" to the other senior clowns.
  • Some of the senior clowns push their responsibilities to the others in the company. They play behind-the-door politics to show the lesser mortals in bad light.
  • Some of the senior clowns carry a holier-than-thou attitude. They think of the lesser mortals as lowly pests and show off their arrogance in every possible manner.
  • Some of the senior clowns act like behind-the-back cry babies and brain-wash other senior clowns as well as the head clown against some the folks they have personal grudges against.
  • Some of the clowns assume that the company is there because of them and, more dangerously, for them.
  • The senior clowns carry out unnecessary surveys in the name of initiatives and are always desperate to create ways and means to take the credit for any initiative in the company.
  • Some of the clowns use expletives and unprofessional language. That is supposed to be a cool thing to do and shows the rotten culture of the company.
  • Some of the clowns give silly feedback such as "you don't take the cake" which shows the utter lack of professionalism and childishness of the clowns in such a company.

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