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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Why Minimalism is Important in Today's World?

We are constantly bombarded with stuff and more stuff from all directions. Whether it be a mall, a retail store or a grocery website, everyone is busy trying to sell something to us.

Deep discounts, upto 80% off sale, discount coupons, gift vouchers, e-coupons, promo codes, loyalty bonus, BOGO (buy one get one) offer, BTGF (buy two get five) offer, exchange old for new, zero processing fee, EMIs at zero interest rate - this is the language of the world we live in these days.

The mantra that is being told to us repeatedly from all quarters is very simply that the purpose of life is to consume and consume.

The definition of success in the civilization we as human beings have ended up creating means the following - earn more money, buy more stuff, purchase a bigger house, buy a bigger car, eat regularly outside in expensive restaurants,  carry a fat wallet stuffed with several credit cards and swipe a card to get that latest gadget.

All the stuff we have individually procured and accumulated is leading to cluttered houses and cluttered minds. We have lost enjoying the small things in life in the pointless pursuit of more and more stuff.

The other dimension of all this is the massive destruction of earth's natural resources.

This is where minimalism comes into the picture.

Minimalism with its focus on "when less is actually more" offers a way to mankind that makes such a practical sense.

A simple yet profound question to ask is "does the Earth have enough material to produce one car for every person who will be born on this planet in the next 10000 years?". The answer is seemingly a no and a very scary one. And thus the need for minimalism.

Minimalism is not depriving oneself. Rather it is focusing on what is important and removing the rest. For every person minimalism will take a different form as what is important for one person will be so very unique to that person.

Minimalism can put brakes to the current culture of reckless consumption. Minimalism can help us determine what adds value to our life and what does not.

With the current consumption orientation that is so prevalent Earth's future is at stake. With minimalism Earth will perhaps have a much better chance to survive for the future generation of human beings.

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