Thursday, April 14, 2016

Why Some People Are Not Cut Out For Corporate Life?

This is a fact. Some people are simply not cut out for corporate life. And that could as well be you. The important point, however, is that there's really nothing wrong with that.

Corporate life is like the game of football.

You need to be able to consistently keep the ball on the opponent's side (meet expectations) and occasionally put the ball into the goalpost (exceed expectations and at times be rated outstanding).

In addition, you also need to be able to defend your goalpost (watch out for your back from envious peers and vindictive seniors).

And finally, you also need to know when and how to tackle a co-worker (read play dirty office politics) and most importantly how to avoid getting a red card (read get fired or laid off).

Just like not everyone can play football well, not everyone can play the game of corporate life well.

Corporate life is full of blatant manipulation, back stabbing, dirty politics, blame game, finger pointing, ownership shifting, credit stealing, immaturity and incompetence, flaming emails, etc.

Above toxic behaviors are prevalent in the corporate world since everyone wants to stay longer on the football field and also wants to become the best player. Winning becomes the sole purpose of everyone playing the corporate game.

Some people are not cut out for corporate life because they do not have the above traits. They dislike manipulation in the name of motivation, they are good at their work but are not too much concerned with image building and perception management and they dislike and are not adept at office politics.

Such people should find some way to quit the corporate life.

However, there are many people who can thrive in the corporate world just like a cockroach can survive in almost any adverse environment.

Such people can continue to work in the corporate life. After all a pig is happiest when it rolls in mud.

Such people are good at following:
  • Lick the shoes of the person they are reporting into
  • Believe in loyalty over competence
  • Manage good perception around them
  • Create bad perception around their office enemies
  • Play dirty politics
  • Withhold crucial information
  • Write silly and flaming emails
  • Manipulate events to stay in good books of the top dog
  • Form and be a part of the coterie around the top dog
  • Add no value in general but create an impression of value-addition
  • Spread negativity on the sly
So if you like doing the above or would be willing to learn the above, you are a perfect fit for an eventful life in the corporate world.

In case it is otherwise then you should realize that you are not cut out for corporate life. The important point, however, is that there's really nothing wrong with that.

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