Friday, April 15, 2016

Are You in Your Job Well Past Its Date of Expiry?

Every job comes with a date of expiry.

This is true, for sure, in case of professionally managed companies.

And if you are in a company where you don't need to worry about the date of expiry it is obvious what kind of company you are in!

Date of expiry means one of the following two things:
  • You outgrow the organization in the sense that you reach a point of saturation from work perspective or hit the glass ceiling from organizational structure perspective
  • The organization outgrows you in the sense that your skills become irrelevant to the business of the company.
It is important to know the date of expiry of your current job. But if you do not know it then you are  waiting for career disaster to strike you very unexpectedly.

And if you know the date of expiry you can work from a position of advantage.

In case you are in your job well past its date of expiry, do expect funny things to happen. Here are some of such things that would typically happen:
  • Others who are in a similar position will start playing dirty politics. Especially the club of long timers will strike back with vengeance to secure their positions
  • Corporate chameleons will start showing their true color beneath the fake facade of professional maturity
  • Incompetent people will start getting anxious and start raising trivial issues (you did not take cake in my last birthday) and start writing childish emails (this is approved but with riders)
  • The coterie will not only start cementing their position but also start spreading rumors to hurt the outsiders
  • The stooges of the top man will start cutting down others to grow taller and taller
Staying in a coterie-managed, unprofessional and immature company past the expiry date is a very risky situation to be in.

This would increase the stress level, create negative vibes, bring the corporate devils out in open and lead the organization towards disaster unless corrected.

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