Wednesday, January 17, 2018

True Empowerment will Always be a Pipe Dream in an Unprofessional Company

An unprofessional company is typically characterized by a strange culture where symbolism prevails over pragmatism.

In such companies true empowerment will always remain a pipe dream.

There are serious deficiencies that percolate the structures and staffing in such companies which result in abject failure of its systems and processes.

The company is run by a close-knit group of incompetent but manipulative people. This group is sadly what constitutes the senior management in such a company.

The only qualification of such people is their blind loyalty to the voodoo master. Yes the head of the organization in such companies is nothing more than a voodoo master.

What happens in such companies is similar to a pied piper playing the flute and driving the rats along to his tune.

The head of the organization is like the pied piper. And his loyal stooges are like the rats who play along the tune.

The coterie works like a pack of wolves. They do not care about the organization and the value-add from their respective departments.

They only bother about protecting each others' backs.

They work like a group of manipulative crooks who indulge in secret games and do malicious things behind the curtains.

Of course, they would act as if they are highly professional.

The facade of professionalism is created through symbolic gestures related to people practises.

Lot of silly things are brought into the company to this effect but with no actual change on the ground.

External awards, certifications, industry accolades, etc. become the primary source of false pride in such companies.

True empowerment remains a pipe dream though because the top man and his coterie don't let that happen in the real sense.

Promotions and appreciation in such companies follows just one criterion - loyalty.

Strange reporting structures are put in place by the top man and his coterie.

Reporting structures are created to actually perpetuate the control of the coterie. True empowerment has no place in such a company.

All the good words and phrases are used in meetings but they mean nothing.

Rituals related to people practises are established and followed religiously but on the ground nothing really happens in the true spirit of empowering people.

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