Saturday, March 3, 2018

When You Don't Have Much to Say, You Can Only Smile

Very recently I met someone who was going through some crisis at work.

When I asked him about how things are going on, he just smiled.

He spoke about couple of things. But not much.

This is so very true. When you don't have much to say, you can only smile!

Or is it actually a smirk.

Maybe it is more of a smirk than a simple smile.

This shows the person has virtually no control, or has lost most of it, on what's going on.

And not only that. He is also partly, if not primarily, responsible for that crisis.

The question is: can smile help?

Giving an honest answer may be much more helpful.

The answer should obviously talk about why things may have gone the way they did.

And an honest inquiry into the ways and means for not getting into get into such a situation ever again.

The smile may tell another story.

That person is a nincompoop and thoroughly incompetent for the position he holds.

He will smile again, next time, and that too very soon.

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