Saturday, April 7, 2018

You Get What You Deserve or are Destined to, Not What You Desire or Demand

Many a times you get this feeling that you truly deserved what you failed to get.

You believe you had everything going for you but then, in the end, something did not click for you.

The above happens too often, and with too many people.

Why does the above happen? Why with too many people? And why too often?

First, destiny plays an important role whether you agree with that or you don't.

Being the right person at the right place and the right time can change the outcome of many a life situations.

And the right person in a given life situation may not be you but someone else or maybe no one!

Also, what you deserve is what others really think you deserve. Not what you think you deserve.

What you desire or demand is usually what you think you deserve.

Your desire or demand is generally based on your own assessment of yourself in terms of your capabilities and competencies.

For whatever may be the reason, at times you think that you deserve something.

So you end up having a desire for that something

And not only that, sometimes you end up demanding that something because you really believe that you deserve it!

For all that matters in the end, you may not actually deserve it.

The reason might be very simple, however hard and heart-breaking it might be.

You are totally wrong in your own assessment of yourself.

Those who can give that something to you might think just the opposite of what you think.

That you actually don't deserve it!

Desire and demand have no value.

What you think you deserve is not what really matters.

What others think you deserve is what really matters.

And perhaps the only thing that really matters.

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